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Published Aug 20, 2018

Equities Structural reforms undertaken by the Modi regime are beginning to bear fruit. We’ve highlighted the benefits of structural reforms and how growth tends to come through at a lag. (See “Key Drivers for the Next Leg Up”, Oct 16, 2017). C.O.R.E Growth Drivers C.O.R.E is our acronym for easy reference to India’s key drivers…

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Analyzing the Case for Mid & Small Caps

Published Aug 6, 2018

Investors face two key issues today. One, with large caps delivering well, does one need to bother with mid caps and small caps? Two, with markets running up to new all time highs, is this a good time to invest? Is Owning Mid and Small Caps Worth the Risk? Following a period of unique mayhem…

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Monetary Policy Update

Published Aug 1, 2018

Repo Rate Hiked to 6.5%, Policy Tone Maintained Neutral The Reserve Bank of India today decided to hike the policy repo rate by +25 bps from 6.25% to 6.5% in a 5:1 vote in what was the RBI’s first 3-day MPC (vs. prior 2-days). The MPC maintained its neutral stance on monetary policy and commitment…

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Published Jul 23, 2018

Investing isn’t easy. Invest in equities, and you will lose money when the market goes down. Don’t invest in equities, and watch from the sidelines as your friends get infuriatingly rich. Try to time the market, and do it well, and you can add value. Try to time the market and don’t do it well,…

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