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Glass Remains Half Full

Published Jun 10, 2019

“I don’t know where the stock market is going, but I will say this, that if it continues higher, this will do more to stimulate the economy than anything we’ve been talking about today”– Alan Greenspan Bullard and Powell Signal Fed Ready to Act and Rate Cuts Ahead We’ve made the case for months that…

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Dovish Policy Tilt

Published Jun 6, 2019

The Reserve Bank of India today unanimously decided to reduce the policy repo rate to 5.75% from 6.00% and changed the monetary policy stance to “accommodative” from “neutral” with an objective of achieving a medium-term target for CPI of 4% within a band of ± 2%, while supporting growth. Key highlights of the RBI’s Monetary…

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The Fourth Wave

Published May 27, 2019

“The 2019 Election has worked to tear down walls, and heralds the dawn of a new age”– Narendra Modi The people have spoken and a massive pro incumbent wave has entrusted the nation’s stewardship to P.M. Modi for five more years. This week, we widen our lens to focus on macro challenges and opportunities, and…

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Moment of Truth

Published May 13, 2019

“We have the potential to go up like a rocket if we did some lowering of rates, like one point, and some quantitative easing. Yes, we are doing very well at 3.2% GDP, but with our wonderfully low inflation, we could be setting major records, and at the same time, make our national debt start…

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