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The Fed’s Dots Go for Lift-off

Published Sep 28, 2021

• The Fed’s policy stance has undergone a subtle but significant hawkish shift • Bond markets noticed, and yields rose • The start of higher rates may now be in 2022, and not 2023 • US government shutdown talks gain momentum • Evergrande, no news is not good news Last Wednesday’s Fed meeting brought a…

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Not So Evergrande

Published Sep 22, 2021

• Evergrande situation deteriorates hitting markets early Monday • Market action in early trading in Asia suggests that the situation is threatening to run out of control. • Left to its own devices, a market-driven solution could cause serious systemic damage • The question of contagion leads to another pertinent question that the market will…

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Financialization- a Mega Trend

Published Sep 17, 2021

‘Hum hain naye, andaz kyon ho purana’ – is a Bollywood song that reflects the Indian youth in their journey of financialization of savings. In 2017, when the RBI committee released a report on household finance, 84% of Indian household wealth was in real estate and other physical goods, 11% in gold and only 5%…

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Will This Time be Different?

Published Sep 15, 2021

• Equity markets have downside risk as the S&P 500 drops very close to a key support • A worst-case scenario could see the US market fall 23% and others would likely follow • However underlying growth remains well-founded offset by short term supply disruptions • Buying the dips could still be the strategy as…

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