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Even the Turkey is Worried

Nov 23, 2020

• President Trump’s ongoing breaking with convention remains a risk to markets. • COVID remains a significant near-term risk to the global economy and markets. • US and Europe expected to see negative growth over the turn of the year. • Fed expected to act in December probably by keeping long rates anchored. • Value…

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Reality Holds Back the recovery

Nov 19, 2020

• Markets stuck between discounting the hopes for the vaccine and the reality of building COVID cases. • Economists mark back their growth forecasts for the fourth quarter. • Central bankers give every indication of remaining supportive, indeed they may even reinforce their easy monetary policies in the coming months. • In reality government bonds…

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What a Relief

Nov 9, 2020

• The US Presidential election saga seems to be drawing to a close. • The Fed is back in play with monetary policy likely to take up the slack from tame fiscal easing. • A lighter shade of green policies and less of a tax burden on the corporate sector than previously envisaged are the…

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The Road To Recovery

Nov 3, 2020

The much-needed festive cheer, in this difficult year, is upon us and India bent the Covid19 curve, as well as corporate India is delivering better than expected earnings for the past quarter. However, parts of the world continue to grapple with the pandemic and its consequences. Europe’s second wave figures far exceed the first wave…

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