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Global Warming comes to Davos

Jan 20, 2020

• The rise of ESG as a dominant theme in investment management will be clear this week • A genuine commitment is required. The time of superficial efforts to quell dissent is over Davos starts on January 21st with an agenda entitled ‘Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World’. While the agenda title is set,…

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Sanctum PMS Performance Quarterly

Jan 13, 2020

“The process of intelligently building a portfolio consists of buying the best investments, making room for them by selling lesser ones, and staying clear of the worst.” – Howard Marks Summary The Nifty 50 delivered a 12.0% return in 2019, while the NSE 100 and NSE 200 delivered 10.4% and 8.7% respectively. Meanwhile, the Midcap…

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Out of Control

Jan 6, 2020

• President Trump’s unprecedented intervention raises the stakes massively with Iran • The President has gambled with the world’s well being • A spike in oil prices raises the risk of higher inflation and lower global growth • Gold is the obvious winner • Massive Australian bush fires highlights again the substantial risks from climate…

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UK election – Finally Some Certainty

Dec 13, 2019

• The Conservative Party on track for a significant majority. • The Labour party’s prevarication on Brexit and somewhat extreme socialist policies fail to impress • Sterling rebounds smartly and may be on track to $1.40 • UK equities, particularly those focused on domestic growth have room for upside after perennial underperformance • Next up…

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