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Financialization trend is just getting started

Mint, Jan 4, 2018

Investors should determine their asset allocations based on an assessment of their risk appetites and time horizons Year 2017 was characterized by spirited equity markets driven by structural reforms, burgeoning domestic flows, and consumer-driven credit growth. However, given the negative rhetoric around some of the reforms, mainly due to the pain felt by consumers and…

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Indian wealth manager to compete with foreign rivals through “global Indian” strategy

Asian Private Banker, Dec 20, 2017

Sanctum Wealth Management (WM), the RBS India spinoff, has become the latest firm to adopt a “global Indian” strategy – an approach that is becoming increasingly popular with foreign private banks doing business in India. The Mumbai-headquartered wealth manager is “well positioned to tackle the non-resident Indian (NRI) and foreign market” through its newly-established international…

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Sanctum Wealth Management opens door to NRIs, foreign investors

Citywire Asia, Nov 17, 2017

CEO Shiv Gupta said the firm will operate in a set of key locations, starting with Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong, and will look to partner international firms who are seeking access to differentiated India investment opportunities for their clients. ‘In addition, Sanctum will sharpen its focus on NRIs, where it already provides them with…

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Sanctum Wealth Management strengthens focus on international markets

Mumbai, Nov 15, 2017

Sanctum Wealth Management today announced the launch of its international markets coverage, where it will offer foreign investors and NRIs access to investment opportunities in India. Sanctum is very well positioned to operate in this space by virtue of its global heritage, international board & experienced leadership team, strong onshore presence, and a robust products…

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