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HDFC MF Dividend Yield Fund serves old wine in new bottle

Livemint, Dec 1, 2020

Neil Borate Dividend yield may also be high for stocks that have modest dividends but may have seen prices crash In sync with the recent tilt towards thematic funds, HDFC Mutual Fund launched HDFC Dividend Yield Fund last week. Dividend yield is the ratio of dividend per share to price per share. It can be…

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The pros and cons of investing global

Livemint, Nov 16, 2020

Neil Borate • Indians are taking tentative steps into international stock markets. What are the rewards—and the risks? • Some experts are also wary of the heightened valuations in the red-hot US markets. Also, while investing in international stocks, picking the right market at the right time is vital MUMBAI : As the stock market…

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The Market Dynamics of Active vs Passive Investing

cnbctv18, Oct 20, 2020

Wizards of Finance (a joint initiative by and Mirae Asset Mutual Fund) is an investor education series that delves into interesting insights about choosing the right investments for different financial goals and increasing wealth during uncertain times. Active vs Passive InvestingActive investment necessitates a fund manager to pick stocks that beat the market or…

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Harshad Mehta scam: How the investment ecosystem has changed since 1992

moneycontrol, Oct 14, 2020

The government decided to set up an agency or regulatory body known as the Securities Exchange Board of India in April 1992 to regulate the capital market and to protect the retail investors Prateek Pant A rogue trader, Harshad Mehta used the loopholes in the Indian Banking system & Bombay Stock Exchange transaction system to…

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