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Investment is not about past, but predictive returns

Hindustan Times, Jun 20, 2018

PRATEEK PANT Head of Products and Solutions In India, people still continue to try saving 40 paise or 50 paise. I have gone to some of my largest clients and family office and told them what I do. If you believe, as a wealth manager, I am adding value to your life, you may go…

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Smart tips for new Flipkart millionaires

Business Standard, May 13, 2018

Shiv Gupta CEO, Sanctum Wealth Management Stories abound of sports stars and entrepreneurs who have squandered their wealth due to poor planning. Fortunately there are some keystone principles people can follow to increase their chances of making this transition securely. Accept that finding the right configuration will take time. Consequently, avoid making big decisions too…

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Multiples Alternate Asset Management invests in Sanctum Wealth Management Private Limited.

Mumbai, Apr 4, 2018

Indian private equity firm, Multiples is investing INR 73 crores in Sanctum Wealth Management, a Mumbai-headquartered wealth management company that operates across five major cities in India. The deal is subject to regulatory approvals. The funds will be used to strengthen Sanctum’s operating platform and to significantly increase Sanctum’s client coverage. Sudhir Variyar, Managing Director…

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Financialization trend is just getting started

Mint, Jan 4, 2018

Investors should determine their asset allocations based on an assessment of their risk appetites and time horizons Year 2017 was characterized by spirited equity markets driven by structural reforms, burgeoning domestic flows, and consumer-driven credit growth. However, given the negative rhetoric around some of the reforms, mainly due to the pain felt by consumers and…

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