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How should you choose the right international fund?

Moneycontrol, Aug 5, 2020

Each global fund has a different risk-reward level associated with it Nikhil Walavalkar@nikhilmw International funds have topped the charts in terms of returns delivered by equity schemes of all hues. These funds gave one-year returns of 16.29 per cent on an average, compared to a mere 0.51 per cent managed by large-cap equity schemes, according…

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Should investors use this rebound in stocks and book profits?

livemint, Jul 7, 2020

Neil Borate • Clients whose financial goals such as home buying or children’s education are close by can look to move into debt, said experts. • Investors follow different approaches to their portfolio with some larger investors taking a more tactical approach. Topics Stock Market |HNIs The Nifty50 index has rebounded around 40% from its…

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What to keep in mind if you want to invest in global markets

livemint, Jun 25, 2020

Tinesh Bhasin • Don’t try to actively allocate to different geographies apart from core exposure to large economies • Geographical asset allocation helps stabilize returns when domestic markets could be facing headwinds Topics ETFs | Mutual Funds Investment advisers have been recommending that investors must diversify their equity portfolio globally. Geographical diversification provides stability to…

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‘Good time to invest in firms having longevity, but don’t expect returns immediately’

moneycontrol, Jun 16, 2020

Going forward, equity markets would be a function of economic recovery and sustained liquidity support provided by central banks to support financial markets. Kshitij Anand @kshanand Every fall is not the same, but similar. It is a good time to pick up businesses having longevity, and ride through this volatility. But, investors cannot expect to reap…

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