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Designing your Will

Published Jan 28, 2021

At Sanctum, we adopt a holistic approach to will planning, wherein we
don’t just facilitate to put your wishes pen to paper but provide practical
advice too so that your wishes see the light of the day.


Before you begin drafting your will, please ponder on the below questions:

Do You?

  • Believe mere drafting/writing your will would suffice to
    ensure transfer of assets to your loved ones?
  • Think the probate process would be enough to transfer the
    title in the name of intended recipients?
  • Think you can rely on the manner of your ownership and
    nomination pattern of your assets without re-assessing it in
    context to your wishes in the will?
  • Have faith that all your paperwork in reference to your real
    estate is in order to ensure hassle free transmission with
  • Have confidence in your recipients to be capable of
    manoeuvring the regulatory system in a seamless and timely
    manner to get the titles of assets updated as per your will?
  • Think you can be certain that your recipients have the
    complete know-how of all details pertaining to your estate
    to ensure zero transmission loss?
  • Consider will drafting as a one-time exercise and should not
    be re-visited?

Will Planning at Sanctum

It is essential to have a 360°approach to will-planning to ensure seamless succession of your assets to your loved ones.

To create a well-crafted comprehensive plan for handing
down wealth to your loved ones, reach out to us at
+91 9821925479

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